Signature Chocolate Bars. Esquire Magazine's "Best Foods In USA" - Nuubia Chocolate

Last Day to Ship to Arrive by Christmas : Dec 19

(4) Esquire Magazine's "Best Foods In the U.S." Award Winner Candy Bars

Signature Gift Box Filled with 4 Candy Bars Individually wrapped
 (55g - 1.94 0z each bar)

Candy Bars like you have never tasted. These are a layered confection. Each box contains 3 varieties

-Crispy Hazelnut & Almond Praline & Sea Salt Caramel with caramelized Rice Krispies, drenched in 65% single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador. (2)

-Marshmallow and Crushed Nuts. Crispy Hazelnut & Almond Praline & Marshmallow and Cocoa Nibs,  then covered in  65% single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador.

-Almond Hazelnut Praline. Crushed Almonds and Hazelnut with cocoa butter and then covered in 65% single origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate.

These candy bars were awarded Esquire Magazine's "Best Foods In the U.S.A." 

100% Wild-Safe Palm-Oil Free: All of our products are natural & we take great pride in sourcing ingredients that are sustainably grown and respectful of wildlife, humanity and the ecosystems from which they are derived. 



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