Award-Winning WILD SAFE Signature Collection, 27 pcs assorted - Nuubia Chocolate

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Award-Winning WILD SAFE Signature Collection, 27 pcs assorted

27 Pcs (270gr-9.52oz)

Looking to give a beautiful gift or just treat yourself to an affordable indulgence?

An assortment of our luxury award-winning signature chocolates:

3 layers / 9 pieces ea layer/ assorted WILD SAFE gourmet artisan chocolates:

These WILD SAFE specialty chocolates are as dazzling to look at, as they are to savor. We use single origin chocolate, fine ingredients, so the flavors are subtle, classic, and pure.

Delicate 70% dark chocolate shells airbrushed with all natural colored cocoa butter. Each shell is filled with a different flavor of rich ganache/praline:

  1. lime & vanilla ganache
  2. pineapple-hazelnut caramel
  3. 70% dark chocolate ganache,
  4. hazelnut & almond
  5. espresso ganache
  6. raspberry-jasmine tea ganache
  7. pistachio praline
  8. Single Origin 65% Ecuador dark chocolate ganache
  9. white chocolate ganache-cocoa nibs covered in dark chocolate

100% Palm-Oil Free. All of our products are WILD SAFE & natural; we take great pride in sourcing premium ingredients that are sustainably grown and respectful of wildlife, humanity and the ecosystems from where our ingredients are derived.





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