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Since our inception, our branded gifts have been an incredibly powerful marketing tool as they allow a brand to connect with consumers by engaging all their senses.
Our tailored solutions have delighted thousands, and through the viral power of social media, have inspired millions.

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Which Gift Box Size Interests You?

0 @ $10.00 / each

Up to 2 pieces per box

0 @ $12.00 / each

Up to 4 pieces per box

0 @ $24.00 / each

Up to 9 pieces per box

0 @ $36.00 / each

Up to 18 pieces per box

0 @ $72.00 / each

Up to 36 pieces per box

What Level of Customization are your Requesting?

Allows for full customization of the collection of chocolate pieces.

*requires a minimum $1500 order of chocolates.

  • Full-Color Insert with Branded Messaging
  • Choice of Packaging and Ribbon Color
  • Optional Logo or Artwork on Chocolate
  • Optional Custom Chocolate Mould
  • Optional Full-Cover Branded Cover

Adds a custom branded insert to an existing design in the current collection.

  • Full-Color Insert with Branded Messaging

Which Optional Services are you Interested In?

  Service Additional Cost More Info
$250 Design Fee. Design Fee is waived with Full Customization. Design Fee covers the design and printing of a custom branded insert that will replace the existing retail insert. Branding is only available on the front-side (visible when the client opens the gift) as the reverse is reserved for the description of the chocolates.

Setup Cost for Order. Requires 4wks of Lead Time for Custom Logos. Expect Rush Orders to be delivery 10 business days. Design Sheets will be stored by Nuubia and are reusable for a period up to 8 months
Starting at $2,000 per Mould Setup Cost for Order. Pricing could vary depending on complexity of project or piece. Requires 6-8wks of Lead Time. Moulds will be stored by Nuubia and reusable up to 24 months.
$14.99 per US Address
# of Addresses:
Cost includes postage and thermal shipping materials to ensure product arrives in 100% condition. Can include other collateral supplied by you.
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