Award-Winning Grand Cru Signature Collection, 18 pcs - Nuubia Chocolate


Nuubia's Signature Collections

Award-Winning Signature Collection, 18pcs assorted

18 Signature Pieces ( 180gr-6.34oz )

An assortment of our award-winning signature chocolates:

18 pcs / 9 exquisite flavors:

These specialty chocolates are as dazzling to look at, as they are to savor. We use fine ingredients, so the flavors are subtle, delicate, and pure.

18 Premium Chocolates / 9 Signature Flavors: 70% dark chocolate shells airbrushed with all natural colored cocoa butter and filled with a different flavor of rich chocolate ganache/praline: 

  1. lime & vanilla ganache
  2. pineapple-hazelnut caramel
  3. 70% dark chocolate ganache,
  4. hazelnut & almond
  5. espresso ganache
  6. raspberry-jasmine tea ganache
  7. passion fruit ganache
  8. pistachio marzipan
  9. frosty mint ganache

 100% Palm-Oil Free. All of our products are natural & we take great pride in sourcing premium ingredients that are sustainably grown and respectful of wildlife, humanity and the ecosystems from where our ingredients are derived.



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